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Common Questions

Q. Should I use a repairer with genuine parts?

Provided the parts used are of matching OE-quality and are recorded as such, any repairer can carry out vehicle maintenance and service.

Q. My garage is having difficulty updating my digital service record. What can be done?

Your garage can visit the website for more information.

About Right2Choose

Right2Choose is a campaign supported by many companies across the independent automotive aftermarket to promote the sector as a credible alternative for vehicle service and repair.

Why is choice important?

To ensure motorists understand the choices they have for competitive car repair and maintenance.

Under European Regulations renewed in 2010, owners have the freedom to choose where they take their vehicle during the vehicle’s warranty period, meaning an independent repairer can service your vehicle while leaving the warranty intact.

It is important that motorists have access to the correct legislation to support their case if necessary.

Motorists have a right to choose where they take their vehicle to be serviced and should not be subject to unfair miscommunication from other sources. If this issue unfortunately arises, the appropriate legal documentation can be downloaded from the link below. Under the EU Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulation 461/2010, manufacturers have a duty to honour the vehicle’s warranty when it is serviced outside of the dealer network, and non-OE parts fitted onto a vehicle is an insufficient reason for the warranty to be declared invalid.

Click here to download legislation

How does Right2Choose affect how I manage the upkeep of my vehicle?

It doesn’t. You should still stick to the recommended service schedules as outlined in your manual and have your repairer of choice fit parts of Original Equipment (OE) quality standard. You should also keep any maintenance and repair records as proof that you have met all requirements.

If a vehicle has been acquired using a finance or contract package from a vehicle manufacturer or dealer, then it is possible the contract has restrictions on servicing outside the dealer network. The contract needs to be read carefully to ascertain the contract requirements.

This may also be the case with ‘extended warranties’ purchased separately – these may be classed as ‘insurance policies’ and thus, not covered by the new rules.