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What does a vehicle warranty cover?

A vehicle warranty is your contract with the manufacturer, usually lasting three years. You should check with the dealership what the warranty actually covers.

Who can work on my vehicle?

There are thousands of garages and autocentres in the UK. Please CLICK HERE to to find your nearest garage.

Who do I turn to if a dealership refuses to honour the warranty?

Please contact your local independent repairer in the first instance who can provide you with the relevant information.

Can my repairer use non genuine parts?

Yes, provided the parts used are of OE matching quality, are recorded as such and the manufacturer’s service schedules are followed.

My garage is having difficulty updating my digital service record. What can be done?

Your garage can visit the website for more information.

Does the garage have to be VAT registered?

The garage does not have to be VAT registered to comply with the legislation.

Will garages have access to the same vehicle information and technical data as dealerships? What is the “connected car”?

The use of Telematics on vehicles for communication and safety has increased dramatically. Garages work on all vehicle makes and have the right to access technical information held by the vehicle manufacturer.

How will the work be recorded and what should I receive?

You should ask for an itemised invoice of the work carried out on your vehicle and the associated costs.

What if I receive a poor service from a garage?

Firstly, raise your concern with the garage, then the network the garage is affiliated to.

How does my ownership / leasing of a vehicle affect its service and repair?

If a vehicle has been acquired using a finance or contract package from a vehicle manufacturer or dealer, then it is possible the contract has restrictions on servicing outside the dealer network. The contract needs to be read carefully to ascertain the contract requirements.

This may also be the case with ‘extended warranties’ purchased separately – these may be classed as ‘insurance policies’ and thus, not covered by the new rules.

Please contact us immediately if anyone else tells you different and do not sign anything that restricts your rights.

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